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Complete Spa Menu Price List


River Rock Massage

The Ballantyne signature hot stone massage uses rosemary and ginger oils
to soothe muscles. Warm stones relax tense areas with medium pressure,
leaving you relaxed and revitalized. 75min $160

Aromatherapy Massage Journey
Choose an aromatic essential oil to complement your light to medium
pressure massage. You will receive the remainder of your custom blend
to take with you. 50min $125; 80min $165

Deep Tissue Massage
This deep pressure massage is designed to relieve severe tension in
the muscle and connective tissue. This massage is ideal for individuals
who experience areas of pain and/or are athletic or involved in heavy
physical activity. 50min $110; 80min $150

Swedish Massage
This light to medium pressure massage is designed exclusively for relaxation.
Enjoy long, light strokes and gentle kneading. 50min $95; 80min $135

Express Massage
Enjoy a neck, back and shoulder massage for a “little bit of bliss.”
(Service available Monday through Thursday) 25min $65

Working with various pressure points and areas on the feet, hands and
head that correspond to specific body organs, reflexology is designed to
provide a relaxing balance throughout the entire body.
25min $60; 50min $130; 80min $160


Arnica Sports Massage
This deep therapeutic massage uses a blend of herbal oils that warms and
soothes muscles. Arnica extract is used to ease chronic muscle tension
and stimulate soft tissue repair. Receive classic combinations of sports
stretches, compressions and deep tissue work to restore mobility, vitality
and body comfort. 50min $130; 80min $170

The Four Elements Massage
This multi-sensory experience massage uses aroma, audio and color therapy
based on the guest’s birthday element of earth, air, fire or water. 50min $130; 80min $170

Herbal Journey Massage
Warm compressions with steamed cloth-covered herbal infused balls
provide a unique, relaxing massage. 50min $130; 80min $170

This deep pressure therapeutic massage is achieved by a massage therapist
who balances above the massage table and kneads/soothes muscles
with their bare feet. 50min $130; 80min $170

Bamboo Massage
Warm bamboo sticks are used to relax and soothe tense muscles. 50min $130; 80min $170

Structural Alignment Therapy
This massage is designed to restore body alignment (mainly posture) in
order to relieve pain, restricted breathing and movement. 50min $130; 80min $170

Pre-Natal Massage
This light to medium pressure massage uses specialty pre-natal pillows,
allowing expectant mothers to lie face down for comfort. Guest must be
past her first trimester. 50min $130; 80min $170

In-Room Massage
Enjoy The Spa experience in the comfort of your hotel room. This service
is also available after Spa hours.
During normal business hours 50min $145; 80min $185
After normal business hours 50min $175; 80min $215


Scalp Treatment
A luxurious scalp massage and deep conditioning to maximize health
and beauty. $15

Targeted Stone
Warm stones added to a specific area to encourage muscle relaxation. $15

*Pricing does not include tax and gratuity. A 20% service charge will be automatically added to your bill.