Massage Therapies

Allow our expertly trained and caring massage therapists to provide a selection of massages, specialty massages and enhancements designed to increase relaxation and promote overall well-being.

Spa Hours: Daily 8am – 8pm | Reserve here

50 minutes – $150 | 80 minutes – $190

This light to medium pressure massage incorporates custom blended signature lavender oils with relaxing therapeutic techniques. Lavender has been used since ancient times to relieve tension and stress while also healing the body and soul. Our signature blend celebrates the lavender fields found in the Carolinas.

75 minutes – $190

This therapeutic hot stone massage uses aromatic ginger oils found to soothe tight, tense muscles. The deeply penetrating warmth from the stones will ease tension using medium pressure techniques leaving you relaxed and revitalized.

50 minutes – $140 | 80 minutes – $180

This light to medium pressure massage uses gentle massage oils free from aromas and chemicals to ease muscle tension and fatigue specific to expecting mothers. Specialty pre-natal pillows allow expecting mothers to lie face down or on their sides for customized comfort. Guest must be past thirteen weeks.

50 minutes – $140 | 80 minutes – $180

This sole rejuvenating foot therapy works with various pressure points that correspond to specific regions to provide a relaxing balance and melt away tension for tired, over-worked feet. In the extended 80 minute service, the hands and scalp are incorporated for deeper balance.

50 minutes – $150 | 80 minutes – $190

This deeply therapeutic massage uses a blend of rich herbal oils that warm and soothe muscles left tense by strain and overuse. Arnica extract is used to ease chronic muscle tension and stimulate soft tissue repair. Receive classic combinations of sports stretches, body compressions, and deep tissue work to restore mobility, vitality, and overall body comfort.

80 minutes – $210 | 110 minutes – $250

This specialized therapeutic massage soothes sore, aching muscles by providing sustained deep pressure as a massage therapist trained in the art of Ashiatsu uses their bare feet while balancing above the massage table. Natural massage oils help to relieve muscular tension in this unique and powerful massage ritual.

50 minutes – $120 | 80 minutes – $160

A customized massage with unscented, skin nourishing oils that soothes the central nervous system and relaxes the body. Choose your areas of focus and light to medium pressure catered to your specific needs. For guests who prefer deep pressure we recommend the Arnica Sports Massage.


Foot Rescue – $30

Enjoy a sole invigorating, peppermint rescue cream application with your feet wrapped in warm, soft towels during your massage. This enhancement will leave you feeling renewed from head to toe.

Revitalizing Scalp Treatment – $30

Nourish and stimulate your skin with this relaxing enhancement. Therapeutic lime oil is added to your scalp massage to soothe dry skin and nurture the hair follicles. For maximum benefit, keep this oil in your hair overnight.

Targeted Magnesium Therapy – $30

Soothe your aching, sore muscles with the amazing power of magnesium applied to your areas of concern.

Aromatherapy Enhancement – $30

Elevate your massage therapy experience by adding an aromatherapy scent of your choice.


*All enhancements are designed to be added to your spa treatment without increasing time to your service.

To provide a seamless spa experience for our guests, a 20% gratuity service charge will be added to all services.